Nursery Services
Delivery Service:
The Delivery charge varies, depending on your distance from Alpine Gardens and current fuel prices. Our sales staff can look it up and give you the current delivery rate for your location. Deliveries requiring multiple trips will be charged for each trip.

Deliveries will be made within two working days. (This could be the day the payment is received as well as the 2 days following but does not incude Saturday, Sunday, or the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving). If you have to be called before we make your delivery, the delivery will probably take longer than two working days because you might not be home when we are ready to make the delivery.
If you want to delay delivery because you won't be ready for it within 2 days, tell us 2 consecutive days that we can take the delivery.
We will need specific information about where to place the delivered merchandise - it needs to be a place that we can back a truck up to. It is helpful if you can mark the spot with a stake, painted rock, spray paint, etc., and we'll make a note of it for our driver.
Delivery doesn't include distributing plants around the yard. This  service is available at hourly labor rates. If additional labor is involved, we may not be able to schedule the delivery within the 2 working days. For information on planting, see Installation Services, below.
Different types of bulk items must be delivered on separate trips unless you don't mind them getting mixed.
B&B Trees: In addition to the regular delivery fee, we add $10 for each B&B tree to be delivered, because it takes at least 2 people to deliver them. (B&B means the tree has burlap wrapped around the root ball instead of being grown in a pot - these are typically our largest trees)

Plant Installation Services:
Our Alpine Gardens crews can install your Tree, Shrub , and Perennial purchases for you. The price for this service is 50% of the regular price of the plant/plants. (Even if the plant is one sale, the installation price is based on the regular price.) There is a minimum charge of $32 for labor on planting (the minimum is not per plant; it is per installation job).
Delivery is included for installations in Perry, Brigham City, or Willard; For all other areas, we add our regular delivery charge to the installation fee.
On installations, the plants and labor fees are Non Taxable. That's right- NO SALES TAX when we install your plants! (WE pay the sales tax, based on our cost.)
Installation service includes adding the necessary soil amendments and watering in the with Alpine Gardens root starter.
These rates do not apply to installation of bedding plants, hard goods, mulches, etc. If you need these services, plaease contact us for a landscape estimate.
Your Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials will be installed within 2 weeks form the day the installation is paid for. We will contact Blue Stakes to get the underground public utilities marked prior to installing your plants.

Gift Certificates:
Alpine Gardens Gift Certificates can be purchased in any amount you prefer. You can purchase them either in person or by phone. If you'd like, we can also mail it to the recipient for you. Make your shopping easy, an Alpine Gardens Gift Certificate will put a smile on anyone's face!

Plant Pest / Disease Diagnosis:
Let us help you figure out what's ailing your plants, and what may work best to get them looking great again. Bring in your samples in a ziploc bag. Samples should include one with obvious symptoms, and also a sumple which is still alive but just barely starting to show symptoms.